Caribbean Resorts & Villas

St. Martin Villas

St. Martin is a 37 square mile playground, famous for being half Dutch (St. Maarten) and half French (St.Martin), offers a wide variety of activities and accommodations. In addition, the French side of St. Martin is known as a the gastronomically home of the Caribbean offering enough quality restaurants for vacationers to come back year after year. 

Barbados Villas

Barbados is a charming island retaining much of its British parentages' formality, but with a Caribbean twist. Beaches are all public and dinner often requires a jacket, but the pace slows to that of the rest of the Caribbean. Villas in Barbados are fully staffed including a maid, cook, butler, laundress, and caretaker.   

Virgin Gorda Villas

Virgin Gorda and Tortola are two island parts of the British Virgin Islands. Unlike the US Islands to which it shares its name, the British Islands are quiet and undeveloped. Torotola and the smaller Virgin Gorda offer beautiful scenery and majestic views. Arrival in the British Virgin Islands requires a connection from St. Thomas or Puerto Rico.

St Barths Villas

St. Barthelemy is an overseas collectivity of France, often abbreviated to Saint Barth in French or St. Barth's in English. St. Barth's has an area of 21 square km. It is the only Caribbean island which was a Swedish colony for any significant length of time, but not the language, cuisine and culture are distinctly French. Its capital is Gustavia which also contains the main harbor to the island. St. Barth's is a popular tourist destination during the winter holiday season, especially amongst the Jet Set and is well known for its beautiful beaches, chic shopping and fine dining.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 

At the southernmost tip of Baja California Sur you will find the dual destination of Los Cabos. Wondering why they call it a dual destination? Part of the fun comes with exploring the region’s two dramatically distinct personas. Tranquil San Jose del Cabo retains the look and vibe of an authentic Mexican town. Cobblestone streets, intimate restaurants and boutiques radiate from the central main square and mission church. Rambunctious Cabo San Lucas, on the other end of the highway (called the Corridor), is party central with funky bars and the slick Luxury Avenue Mall centered around the marina. Thanks to its close proximity to the U.S., Los Cabos has been greatly influenced by North America in terms of developments, shopping malls, real estate and vibe. However, the remarkable setting where the sapphire Sea of Cortez meets desert and mountains is unique to Los Cabos.

Hawaiian Villas

Hawaii, commonly called the Big Island, is the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago in the Central Pacific. Its diverse terrain spans colored-sand beaches at Papakolea (green) and Punalu’u (black) to lush rainforest and, within Volcanoes National Park, 2 active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Hapuna Beach and Kahaluu Beach Park in the west are known for snorkeling and water sports. Due to the mild year-round weather and stunning beaches, tourist travel is popular throughout the year. The summer months and major holidays are the most popular times for outsiders to visit, however, especially when residents of the rest of the United States are looking to escape from cold, winter weather.

Dominican Republic Villas

The Dominican Republic is the most visited destination in the Caribbean. The year-round golf courses are among the top attractions on the island. A geographically diverse nation, the Dominican Republic is home to the region's tallest mountain peak, Pico Duarte, as well as the Caribbean's largest lake and lowest elevation, Lake Enriquillo. Because it is located in the Caribbean, weather in the Dominican Republic is excellent year-round. During the summer, the temperature can range from 90 F (32 C) at mid-day to 70 F (23 C) in the morning. Temperatures hover around 65 F (19 C) in the winter. The Dominican Republic has an excellent reputation for its varied and flavorful food. 

Turks & Caicos Villas

Travel to Turks & Caicos for a luxurious villa experience with Caribbean Resorts and Villas. Home of the Best Beach in the World, Turks & Caicos features pristine beaches with endless fishing, boating, diving and snorkeling possibilities. Enjoy a throwback in time and a relaxed stay during your time in Turks & Caicos.

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